Cover of the book entitled "Legal Rights: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People"

This reference guide explains laws that affect US deaf legal rights. Furthermore, it uses simple language to explain the laws clearly. Many U.S. laws protect the rights of deaf people and others with disabilities. Published in 2015, the 6th edition is extensively revised and updated from earlier editions of the same book. In other words, earlier editions of the book are out of date. US deaf legal rights can change over time. 

The author is the organization, National Association of the Deaf in the United States. The book published at Gallaudet University Press. Readers can buy the book directly from Gallaudet University Press, or they can buy it from other sellers. Otherwise, ask your library to buy a copy.

For people who have print disabilities (for example, blind people), you can try looking for this book in an accessible format via an online service like Bookshare. Or, if you use a library service for people with print disabilities that participates in the ABC Global Book Service, you may wish to inquire whether this book on US deaf legal rights is available.

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