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Websites for Teachers with Deaf Students

Links to websites for teachers with deaf students. Learn how to successfully include a deaf person as a fully participating student in class.
Students are seated in rows at their desk facing the front of their classroom.

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Websites for Teachers and Other Educators Responsible for the Education of One or More Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

These websites have many resources for teachers with deaf students. You might work in the deaf education field. Or you might have only one deaf student in a school where other students can hear. The resources at these websites can help you learn how to meet their needs.

Accessibility varies for the different web sites, and for the resources at each web site. Some should be at least partly accessible for some users, but may have some accessibility issues.

Also explore more resources for educators learning to accommodate deaf students.

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More Resources to Explore

Teaching sign language in Gaza

A project is teaching sign language to hearing children in Gaza. As a result, deaf children can more easily integrate with their peers.

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