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Writing about disability for media

Provides guidance on writing about disability for media professionals. Includes appropriate terminology and avoiding stereotypes.
Logo for the National Disability Rights Network. To the right of the organization's name is a group of overlapping squares. Below the name is the organization's motto, "Protection & Advocacy for individuals with Disabilities".

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Provides guidance on writing about disability for media and public communications professionals. This also includes some mention of deaf and hard of hearing people. Furthermore, it explains appropriate terminology and avoiding stereotypes. The National Disability Rights Network wrote this web page for people in their country, the United States. Nevertheless, deaf and disability organizations in other countries can use this as a model for writing their own guidance. Meanwhile, professionals should consult disability and deaf organizations in their own country for guidance on writing about disability for media. Additionally, professionals should be aware that many signing deaf people do not identify as people with disabilities.

People may also be interested in media reporting on disability, or in disability inclusive communication.

This web page is accessible for people using screen reading software with little difficulty.

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