Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Sarah Houge

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[Description: A woman faces directly at the camera, signing. She is sitting on a couch with a red blanket and a colorful map design pillow next to her.]

Hello! I’m Sarah, [fingerspelling] Sarah Houge. I work for MNI. I’m responsible for our projects. We partner with different deaf organizations and schools all around the world. We provide funding to support their work in Project Planning and Training. What they want to learn, I’ll support. All around the world, I’ve worked in this field for 20 years. Now I’m involved in this goal to ensure deaf people are equal and attain success in life!

Sarah is standing with a wall and church windows behind her. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, white, and is wearing a gray jacket with blue, navy blue, pink and white patterned shirt

Sarah Houge is the Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist at Mill Neck International, focusing on project work and data collection with Deaf communities around the world. Sarah creates accessible materials for entities working in or for the Deaf communities to develop project proposals. She will work with international partners in their organizations to plan, implement and evaluate projects in their country. Sarah worked as an Adjunct Faculty in the International Development Master’s Program at Gallaudet University, where she obtained her M.A. in 2010. Prior to that, Sarah graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Masters of Education in Special (Deaf) Education and worked as a teacher/program coordinator for 10 years in the U.S. and abroad. Sarah worked with the World Federation of the Deaf on their Human Rights and Capacity Building Project in West/Central Africa, and has been a consultant and trainer for various educational and disability organizations such as UNICEF, Research Triangle International, Global Reach Out, Discovering Deaf Worlds and Mobility International, USA.