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Celebrate Deaf People: In history and today

Learn about and celebrate deaf people and their achievements, both throughout history and also today. Focuses on Americans.

Cochlear Implant Experience: What happens after turning it on?

A deaf audiology student process of turning on a cochlear implant for the first time. She also shares her own cochlear implant experience.

Deaf African Women Leaders

Three strong Deaf African women leaders have a message they want to share with other Deaf women around the world! From Ghana and Togo.

Deaf and Disabled Women Resource Kit

Learn the situation of Deaf and disabled women around the world. And read some ideas for how women with disabilities can change society.

Deaf Chilean Women learn HIV/AIDS Information via Videos

A series of videos in Chilean Sign Language and Spanish captions is helping Deaf Chilean women learn HIV/AIDS information.

Deaf Human Trafficking Victims: Why they are targets, how to help

Slavery never ended: today, we call it human trafficking. Author explains why deaf women human trafficking victims are often targets.

Deaf Kenyan women’s rights: GBV, humanitarian relief, justice

One organization in Kenya, Federation of Deaf Women Empowerment Network in Kenya, is working to improve Deaf Kenyan women’s rights.

Deaf people in Healthcare in South Africa

Can Deaf people access good healthcare without sign language? The authors analyze a case study and respond “no”. Discusses international law.

Deaf woman entrepreneur: Susan in Zambia Phone Center

Women with disabilities worldwide are using business to lift themselves out of poverty. One is Susan, a Deaf woman entrepreneur in Zambia.

Deaf women becoming self employed: Economic Freedom in South Africa

A project in South Africa empowers Deaf and hearing women to become self employed. It provides training in business management, and more.

Deaf Women in U.S. History

Author Lydia Callis explains why people should celebrate Deaf women in U.S. history. She provides examples of how Deaf women impact history.

Deaf Women Leaders in Ghana, Africa: Empowerment, Advancement

Deaf women leaders are active in Ghana. And they are helping other deaf women learn to be leaders too. Watch interview of two leaders.

Deaf women making health and motherhood decisions

A project in Argentina helps Deaf women making health and motherhood decisions through videos and workshops in Argentinean sign language.

Deaf Women United: U.S. organization of Deaf women

Deaf Women United provides resources to connect U.S. Deaf women to empowerment through advocacy, education, and outreach.

Deaf Women’s Rights and Health: A Literature Review

Summarizes what the literature says about deaf women’s rights and health around the world. Available in International Sign video.

Ethiopian Deaf Women Empowerment: Project livelihoods and leadership

An Ethiopian project is helping Deaf women gain empowerment. The women are starting their own businesses and becoming leaders.

Ethiopian Deaf Women Entrepreneurs: Five case studies in Addis Ababa

The International Labour Organization shares the stories of five Ethiopian deaf women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with other disabilities.

Gender-based violence against deaf women: Best practices and learned lessons

Describes examples of programs that successfully reduced gender-based violence against deaf or disabled women. Best-practice stories.

Human rights situation of women and girls with disabilities

Summarizes the human rights situation of women and girls with disabilities and the challenges they face in developing countries.

Latina Woman in Kenya

What does it mean to be a proud Latina woman in Kenya–a country that does not recognize your identity? Watch Norma Moran’s story.

Lisa Ramansar from Trinidad Interview with Deaf Caribbean News

Caribbean Deaf News interviews with Lisa Ramansar from Trinidad. She grew up without sign language then learned to sign as an adult.

Malu from Chile

Malu, who has taught Chilean Sign Language to Deaf children, describes her experience in the first leadership school for Deaf women in Chile.

Manual for Training Women Leaders

Use this manual to train women leaders with disabilities, including women who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind.

Midwives helping deaf mothers: A guidance manual

This manual guides U.S. midwives in helping deaf mothers. Basic information about deafness, U.S. Deaf culture, and tips for communication.

MNI Works with Nellie Zabel Foundation in Chile

Mill Neck International works with Nellie Zabel Foundation as they launch their first leadership school for Deaf women in Chile.

National and Regional Youth Leaders in Ghana

Meet national and regional youth leaders in Ghana. Two are experienced national leaders, two are newly elected leaders in the Central region.

US Deaf History: Through Deaf Eyes

Learn about U.S. Deaf history. Topics include sign languages, early 19th century deaf education, the civil rights movement, and others.