Letting deaf people be the leaders

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[Description: A woman faces directly to the camera, signing. She is sitting with a pink curtain behind her.]

So the question, what’s the biggest challenge?
Well, we have government that is supportive
and encourages those who have goals but
when we have a hearing person in charge and a deaf person
the deaf person can lead but the approach is different
I hope that the hearing person can understand
empower the deaf person to become a leader
Let the deaf person become the leader
I hope they will consider giving them a chance
So the barrier is
The deaf person wants to be given the opportunity to lead
to stand and lead
but this is not the case
I hope there can be more communication
to remind the hearing person
to step back and let the deaf person lead
I hope we can reach that

Clarissa from Macau talks about a problem we see worldwide – deaf people not having the chance to lead.

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