Power of Empowerment

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[Description: A man is facing the camera, signing. He is sitting with a plain white background behind him.]

My name is Ouattara from Ivory Coast
I work as the WFD Secretariat
I think it’s good
WFD has done research
A lot of research
for countries in West Central Africa
In their research they found the biggest problem
Is deaf women are not being empowered
In the local NAD, the board members
are always men
no women
in the board
It’s African culture
Women are discriminated
They do not get training or experience
I think it’s important if we could solve the problem
How can we solve it?
By empowering deaf women in different countries
We must encourage NAD board to include women
Later with training
and empowerment
of different women in countries
the number of women involved can grow
be inspired and motivated to work in associations
they can be successful
it’s important to have training
and it’s important to keep the encouragement
for women to be involved with the Board
and work in the associations
it’s very important.
Thank you!

Empowering deaf women in Africa – what happens?

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