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[Description – This videos opens with a woman signing directly at the camera. Then it switches to a man signing directly at the camera]
Hello, I’m Sarah!
I work at MNI
I’m responsible for projects.
Last year I flew to Ghana
G – H – A – N – A
I met with different deaf organzations,
deaf women,
deaf youth
and many others, to learn about their work,
ambitions and goals
I am so inspired
About the youth association
I met with 4 men
and chatted with them. Wow!
Very inspirational.
Why? Because they are so eager,
Want so many things
They want to make a strong stand
Want to outreach with others like
To strengthen, grow and achieve
Wow, I am so excited
This association is new
Founded about maybe 2 or 3 years ago
How did they get started?
By Denmark
D – E – N – M – A – R – K
Deaf Youth Association
They came to Ghana
and worked with them
teaching and partnering with Ghana Youth
Partnering, Cooperating, and Working
For the past 2 to 3 years to establish the new Youth Association in Ghana
So exciting! I want to see what the future brings them.
Their growth, their advocacy, and their work
in Ghana
Now I want to share with you
and introduce you.
Thank you!
[Logo of the Ghana National Association of the Deaf, GNAD]
[A photo of the Ghana National Association of the Deaf, Youth Section]
Hello! I’m Richard
I’m deaf
I recently graduated from university.
I work as a deaf teacher.
teaching at the deaf high school
here in Ghana.
I’m responsible for the Ghana National Deaf Youth
as the President
I wanted to tell you a few things about
the Ghana Deaf Youth association
The GNAD Youth’s vision is
all Deaf persons in Ghana are equal
and have equal human rights and opportunities
like hearing people in Ghana.
Our goal is to
We hope to work hard to empower
all deaf Youth in Ghana
Break down communication barriers
So all deaf youth can have the same equal opportunities as hearing people
Our current problems are
Not many organizations welcome deaf persons to participate
Many important programs do not include deaf persons
Many deaf persons do not know about the UN Human Rights
The Deaf Youth Association can not stand strong alone
In many areas around Ghana, deaf people do not have access to education
they are forced to marry young
forced to work on a farm
forced to work as a fisherman
This is not good
There are so many other problems
We want to stop them
but we do not have the support
If we can get the support we need
we can work hard
to make the changes and improvements
for the lives of deaf youth in Ghana
Your support would be great!
Thank you

Sarah visited Ghana last year & worked with GNAD Youth. Watch the video to learn more!

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