CODA International: Hearing Adults with Deaf Parents

Logo has the full name of the organization, Children of Deaf Adults International, along with the acronym (coda) inside a circle. Also in the circle is an abstract silhouette of two children signing with two parents. Around the circle is the slogan "Connecting Codas around the world."

About 90 percent of the children born to Deaf parents can hear. Meanwhile, many are fluent in both a spoken language and a signed language. They also are familiar with both the “hearing world” and the culturally Deaf signing community. The organization, Children of Deaf Adults CODA International, brings together hearing adults with Deaf parents. They also raise funds for scholarships for hearing children of Deaf parents. Furthermore, they support camps for young Kids of Deaf Adults under age 18. The resource section of their website has links to academic publications. Additionally, it links to CODA organizations in other countries.

The CODA International website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, with some difficulty.

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