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Congratulations to our 2019 Project Partners! After rounds of intensive screening we have chosen the following 3 partners in a regional cooperation to work with us for the 2019 to 2020 project year. Learn more about the organizations and their projects.

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[Video description: Sarah Houge, a white woman wearing a black shirt stands in front of a blue background, signing the following transcript]

Hello everybody, how are you? We are doing well! MNI has been very busy lately – do you know why? We just finished our first project cycle and are starting our new project cycle! We want to thank our 5 project partners for a wonderful year working with them in Nepal, Tanzania, Ghana, Fiji and Chile! We had a great experience working with them for the past year on projects focusing on women, youth, capacity training, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), advocacy tools and so much more. We are inspired by the development we see in their Deaf Communities. Now we are completed with the project cycle and will start a new one – are you wondering who received our new project funding?! First, I want to thank everybody who applied for our project funding, contacted us with questions, emailed, discussed their projects with us- and for those of you who shared the information about our organization and project funding with the world! We received many project proposals and they were all very good! We are MNI were so inspired and pleased with them because we know Deaf people can lead, Deaf people can develop projects, Deaf people can apply for funding, we can do anything! The proposals were all very inspiring and we are thrilled! Three new projects were approved for our funding for the next year! Where do you think they are? Maybe in Africa!? Where in Africa? The southern part – we will introduce them now! Bye-bye!

[Black screen with three logos and the text of three organizations]

Namibia National Association of the Deaf
Project Title: Promoting & Increasing Awareness on Human Rights of Deaf Youth in the Zambezi Region
Project Coordinator: Paul Nanyeni
Assistant: Beata Armas

National Association of the Deaf Lesotho
Project Title: Youth Empowerment & Leadership Training
Project Coordinator: Bongiwe Buzi
Assistant: Likopo Lesoetsa
Assistant: Lets’ekha Ntlale

Swaziland National Association of the Deaf (Eswatini)
Project Title: Women’s Empowerment Programme
Project Coordinator: Makhosini Makhubu
Assistant: Nomacabiso Nkambule


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